Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Baby Jathan {Tacoma Newborn Photographer }

Meet baby Jathan. He is a cute little guy. I had the honor of doing his first photos. He is just under 2 weeks here. He made me work for what I got. But man oh man the ones I got he is just too adorable. I couldn't believe he let me put him in a bucket! He was holding his head up like a pro. I told mommy and daddy is going to be a football player. He is almost 10 lbs.

Sneak Peak { Baby Jathan }
Sneak Peak { Baby Jathan }
Sneak Peak { Baby Jathan }
Sneak Peak { Baby Jathan }
Sneak Peak { Baby Jathan }
Sneak Peak { Baby Jathan }
Sneak Peak { Baby Jathan }
Sneak Peak { Baby Jathan }
Sneak Peak { Baby Jathan }


Jackie said...

Oh my goodness...he is so "huggably" cute!!!! Love the bucket photo!

Buttercupyaya said...

I think the bucket one is my favorite too, possibly because he is almost glaring at you! :) I always seem to have to work at the baby ones. :)

Gretchen Blair said...

Too cute! I love the first ones.

Jennifer said...

love the bucket shot, great vivid colors!

Cyndi said...

he is sooooooo adorable Beth. You guys must be such proud parents. He is handsome!!! I really love the sleepy shots and the one with you and Jonah's wedding rings is a sweet picture. Hope you both enjoy and cherish every minute....being parents is soooo worth it!!!!
Love you both

Liz said...

Oh, he is precious!! She got some fabulous shots! I love the hat with the fuzzy ears.

Cassie said...

So cute. You found a great photographer. My favorites are the one with the hat and the one in the bucket in the garden. I agree, he has football in his future! Looks much older than 2 weeks!

Jonah said...

It was the first time that he didn't go right to sleep after feeding. As soon as she left after over 2hrs he slept for almost 6hr. She was so nice and patient

Shauwn Houlihan said...

OMG its BABY Jonah!!!! hes SOOOO cute.... Ill have to stop by soon....

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