Tuesday, November 24, 2009

My God Children { Tacoma Children's Photographer }

Meet my 3 god children. I did their photos today as a birthday present for their mom. She had a birthday today and we went over for photos and dinner. It was nice to see them again. I couldn't believe how much the kids have grown. Their personalities are even different now.

Ms. H is 6y almost 7y
Mr. G is 2y
Mr. E is 8m

Mr. G. shocked me today. He has never willing let me do his photos since he was a newborn. He was posing away and having fun. He made my day.
Ms. H. has always been a great poser. She poses herself all the time. I dont have to do anything with her except shoot away.
Mr. E. Is just cute little chunk a monk. I cant wait until March to do his Cake Smash

Enjoy this sneak peak.

No he wasn't crying his eyes water alot

Look at those teeth coming in

You dont know how rare this is

Rare :D

Rock N Roll
My favorite: :)
LOVE! They posed themselves.


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